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    I love the amazing kinetics and mindsets behind many great styles of martial arts. I come from a very formal style of Taekwondo and am currently a green belt holder. I started when I was 16 and have studied this amazing style of self-defense for about 5 years before I moved from the town I studied at. Now I am on hold because I have not found a nearby school that teaches within the same international organization that I am part of. Until then I am considering taking up Judo and kick boxing to help keep myself in shape.

    Anyone else here study any martial arts? If so what kind and for how long?

    I personally try to avoid the MMA culture, as I find it somewhat disrespectful to the traditional arts that they stem from.
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    I took judo lessons as a kid, but didn't keep it up for very long. While not considered a martial art by many (though it is by definition) I spent a year boxing, but never competitively.

    Outside of the martial part of things, I also did some tai chi, and think I would go back to it if I had the opportunity. Too little time for anything these days, but hopefully as my daughter gets older I'll get time freed up to think about more of this kind of thing.


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      i;m a student of Jeet Kune Do, 2 years worth now, previous to that i studied TKD for about 3 years

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