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Other hobbies besides producing music?

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  • Other hobbies besides producing music?

    Do any of you have any other hobbies aside from music production?
    "The only thing that means a thing in the end is what you loved, and who you loved, and you let it take you home..."

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    Fish husbandry and backgammon (only one of these is true). Actually, I'm not too sure about the music production either.
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      Video games, movies, tv-series (preferably marathons, I hate having to wait a week for a new episode), smoking pot, educate myself by watching documentaries.
      Don't know if you can classify these things as hobbies, but I enjoy them and that's basically what I do when I am not making banging tunes! Haha!

      Oh yes, I also enjoy sitting up all night, long walks and fishing.


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        I have a dog (a border collie). He needs his attention too, making walks in the woods,...

        And I have a homtrainer, trying to keep in shape.


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          * Cryptology (design of cryptographic algorithms) and programming (Turbo Pascal, Delphi).
          * Algorithmic (generative) art creation (visual, textual and musical).
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            Not a lot really. I don't even get enough time for music right now and feel like I just go to work on weekdays and do tasks around the house at weekend.


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              Well here we go!! Leave it to good ol' Pyne to have us start revealing things about our personal lives. Good idea! :D

              Some fun hobbies/facts you all might not know about S1gns Of L1fe...

              I ride BMX. What is BMX? You know, like freestyle. Ramps, tricks, flips...that sort of thing. I used to compete but nowadays consider myself pretty much retired but every once in awhile I bust out the bike and do some airs like this:

              I'm really passionate about the game of golf. Why golf? I don't know actually. I can barely afford to go play regularly since it's so expensive and I'm always working when the tee times are discounted, but I love the sport like nobody's business.

              I love to go hiking whenever I get the chance. Most of my free time gets sucked up by music these days but I try and drag my wife up to the mountains and soak up the forest.

              I enjoy drinking wine. I wouldn't call this a hobby, and I'm certainly not wealthy enough to collect wine, but we are members of a local vineyard and love to visit and taste other wineries when we are in the area.

              We have another thread for this...but I LOVE photography. I'm always taking pictures be it on my phone or with our camera. Macro is my favorite but I love anything's all in the eye of the beholder.

              So there you go!!! I realize that I project a sort of all-ambient-all-the-time persona, but there is much more to me than music. Plus I believe life experiences feed into the music you create so why be narrow minded and boring? Life is too short.


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                I have a few other hobbies aside from music:

                Weightlifting. Been doing this pretty regularly for well over decade. I'm not super-hardcore about it, but I'm in the gym usually three times a week or so.

                Arachnid husbandry (I keep scorpions and tarantulas). As a related aside, I like messing around with terrariums, vivariums, and plants as well.

                I have a semi-large collection of occult books. Everything from Aleister Crowley to vampirism and everything in between. Though I haven't really added to it in the last few years.

                Like s1gns mentioned, drinking...and like him, I wouldn't necessarily call that a hobby, but I do my fair share. But as some of you know by now, vodka is my poison of choice.

                Tattoos...I have too many to count. Both of my arms are totally sleeved as well. The majority of my ink is Halloween related, as I'm a Halloween afficionado (the holiday itself; not the film). I haven't gotten any new pieces in a few years though.

                I'm certainly not The Most Interesting Man in the World, but I can be a bit of a character I suppose. Being that my day job is all about using computers, most of my hobbies are purposely away from the computer. The exception being music, of course. I generally keep myself pretty damn busy, but its usually best if I keep my messed-up mind occupied...
                "The only thing that means a thing in the end is what you loved, and who you loved, and you let it take you home..."


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                  Computer games.

                  Reading science fiction, fantasy, and the occasional science or other non-fiction.

                  Metalsmithing -- I really just got started with this at the beginning of the year and haven't done a lot with it. Hammering copper is therapeutic though. Occasionally making beaded jewelry, but not so much since I started metalsmithing.
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                    Originally posted by robojam View Post
                    feel like I just go to work on weekdays and do tasks around the house at weekend.
                    I hear you there...

                    I do enjoy dabbling with electronics though don't seem to really get the time to follow any major project through so, yeah, dabbling.

                    Have tried making some simple automatons and would like to expand on that, particularly recycling electronic junk into interesting forms etc.

                    I guess my enjoyment of film goes beyond casual viewing though not sure if that's a hobby...

                    Read a lot, yo yo between contemporary lit (Ian McEwan, David Mitchell etc) and scifi with occasional 'urban fantasty/weird' thrown in (on a big China Mieville kick at the moment). Fave author ever would be Kurt Vonnegut Jr; funny, profound, heartbreaking and just plain silly. Like life really.
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                      Originally posted by Pyne View Post
                      I'm certainly not The Most Interesting Man in the World



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                        For me, writing mystery / horror fiction, photography, film making (which I'd like to combine with my music eventually), furniture making, woodworking, hiking traveling and playing airsoft with my son.


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                          I was into airsoft several years ago, along with some people from work. The only place to get gear at the time was to order it from Japan, and the nearest place willing to host games was about 4 hours' drive away. On my income at the time, the expense got to be too much. Most of the exciting developments and local stores and stuff all happened after I quit.


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                            I've been waiting a long time for it to come up honestly. Quite a few years ago, the only place to get anything was or Ebay and it was cheap stuff. The only people playing around here kids in their back yards.

                            But now we have several full time fields near us within driving distance and my son is also old enough to play, not to mention how much cool and great quality stuff is out there. I played paintball in my teens, but gave it up because the equipment was too much of a hassle / expensive / heavy ect.


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                              Originally posted by robojam View Post
                              Originally posted by Pyne View Post
                              I'm certainly not The Most Interesting Man in the World


                              "The only thing that means a thing in the end is what you loved, and who you loved, and you let it take you home..."