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Need tips for creating long videos

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  • Need tips for creating long videos

    I’d like to make an extended (2 to 3 hours - maybe more?) video with a mix of my music. It will most likely have a static image and no actual video footage, just music. Is the movie maker software that comes with Windows adequate for this, or is there a better (and cheap) solution? It would be nice to be able to put individual music tracks and have them mixed together in the software rather than create one large music file in Ableton. I see there are a couple of options Openshot and Shotcut, so I may try one of those. Just thought someone may have done this before and figured out the best option.

    Thanks for your recommendations!

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    You could actually use Reaper for that. It has some basic video processing capabilities. I used Reaper with a static image at 1 frame per second to quickly get a video at a small filesize for this:

    HitFilm Express is a free video editor that is much more capable for video. And with a few YouTube tutorials you can get into working with it pretty quickly. It's what I used for this: and
    It can be used with multiple video and audio tracks. | |


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      I've used Shotcut and I believe it would be sufficient for even more than you describe. It has a selection of video effects and could certainly do crossfades if you wanted to use more than one static image (or video clip). It allow one to import the audio track. used it for this short video: I used Shotcut to crop the video and for the sepia tone filter. and to export the video (I do not remember clearly which video format I used...).

      ablaut is correct about Reaper. It has some video editaing capability and can export your audio/video in video format.

      I have not used Windows Moviemaker enough to know if it has the "Ken Burns" effect. iMovie on Mac does and it adds interest to a static image by panning and/or zooming through the still image. Several stills with the Ken Burns treatment with crossfades between them would be pretty easy to do and would add interest to the video.
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        Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.