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    Hi. Eli here form nyc

    I have me a little 2019 iMac with a 3.6ghz i3.

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a speaker setup I can buy (preferably all in one) to get the most kick ass ambient listening experience from this rig. open to mounting speakers or just plopping them on my desk. preamps and all that. all good


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    Hello! What's your budget? How big is the room?


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      the room is about 15x12. budget is a few hundred. id like to spend as little as possible lol but im not opposed to putting money in if I get awesome results : )


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        Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. If you can do it, I would go with the SVS 2.1 system. I have one of their subs for my home theater and one in the studio. They're in my opinion the best sounding subs around. The 2.1 system has 2 satellite speakers and 1 sub. It's a little pricey but well worth it. It also comes as a full 5.1 system as well.

        For something a little less, check out Yamaha, they make good 2.1 and 5.1 setups. Klipsch is also good but I would use a different sub than theirs. I like having a separate sub because the low end is much better defined and tighter.


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          ah thanks dude. I think I'll go with the SVS. you think 2 speakers are gonna be enough? I thought id have 4 mounted speakers/// thanks for answering, I was thinking of getting alol... do you know if I could hook the SVS up to my computer, playstation (and maybe phone via bluetooth) at the same time ? hardwire for the first two or all bluetooth? and would I need a receiver? any advice is appreciated. thanks


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            If you're only going to be listening to stereo music or gaming then yea a 2.1 system would work. If you're wanting to listen to stuff in surround sound you would need a 5.1 system.

            That Logitech isn't bad, but the lows aren't going to be as defined compared to the SVS. I have a Logitech 5.1 system like that I use for monitoring as well. Not sure on the connections. I would check with SVS. The setup I have is all hardwired so no wireless/bluetooth. You can also look for setups that have a built in power amp if you're going to connect it right to your computer as a lot of them don't have a built in amp and would get power from a receiver or power amp.