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    Hi all

    I'm still currently using a older pc a dell t3400 precision 32 bit win xp max 4gb. I do plan to upgade later on right now there are a lot of 32bit plugins that I enjoy using.
    Anyway I just started exploring the world of protools just using mpowered protools 8 have 2 delta 1010s My current Console is a Korg 168rc

    I know the Digidesign Command 8 will work mpowered but I was wondering if the Dig 002 Console will also work with this version of protools ?

    I also have my eyes set on the behringer bcr controllers would like to know if those would work as well ?

    I been working with Fl Studio but since SignsofLife is a big protools user started looking at I

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    I may be wrong, but I think S1gns has moved over to Ableton recently, although he used to use ProTools. He can put me straight when he returns from Finland in the next few days
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      I use PT 10 (and before that 9) and the BCR works well with both of those; I see no reason it wouldn't on 8. It operates as any other MIDI control surface. The BCF is a little different with PT, it operates under bHUI mode. I used one of those for a bit just fine.

      I now use an older Mackie Control Universal as a mix surface and have had little problems. You'd have to check at Avid's site to see what controllers are supported with 8.

      My POV:

      Certainly not wanting to start a DAW war, but when I returned to the recording arts a couple years ago, I bought PT9 without researching other DAWs. Everyone I knew in the industry used PT, and didn't think any of the others would be as good, so I bought it. It's a great DAW, and I still prefer mixing (automation) in it over S1 and Reaper. I do wish I would have tried out others, however. I bought reaper to work as a Rewire client in PT, and then ended up using Reaper as much as PT until I bought S1, which is my main workspace now. Although PT11 opened up 64bit, it still has AAX. After RTAS, I had had enough of being in a closed system (yes, even with Rewire and now Blue Cat's VST host) and like the fact I barely need to think about plugin formats when looking at software now. Avid also seems to be refocusing on the professional studios and less on smaller budgeted home studios, IMHO.

      If what you have is working well for you, that is great. When you decide to upgrade, I do urge you to demo other DAWs (bearing in mind the workflow will vary from one to the other and may require a bit of adjustment) to see what fits best for you. It may well be PT, but the others all sound just as great, and are often better suited to serving smaller project studio needs and budgets.