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  • nice Analog Hardware

    Hey guys,
    Did you know some nice analog hardware? Iam 22 years old and dont know much about the good old times. (Yes i love analog)

    Did u know some things that are very nice, and not to expensive like a rhodes or sth.

    I will begin wirth some nice stuff:

    TASCAM Portastudio 424

    Monacor Reverberation Rev25

    Echolette NG51

    Echolette Echo 400

    Hohner Organetta (the nice green one)

    yeah that are some things i have in my studio. I hope u can show me some more old but nice devices (:

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    That's spooky, inspired by S1gns analog multitrack thread, I've literally just been seeing what my old hardware goes for now on ebay (twice your age so had some of this from new.... )

    Fostex x30 - my introduction to recording, fun but limited though still the best looking tracker around - (

    Fostex 160 - four track simultaneous record and better routing, made some nice tracks with this - (

    Sony 4 track minidisk - bit of a mistake, sounded good but lost a few recordings to disk errors. - ???

    Fostex DMT8vl - loads of fun with this, analogue mixer but digital recorder - (none for sale but here's it's manual

    Then PC recording came of age....
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      Roland's Alpha Junos are inexpensive, single oscillator poly synths (6 voice). A versatile oscillator, though. MKS-50 is the rack version.

      You can get good, new cassettes from National Audio Company, their Studio Master 799s are great.

      Not old, but the MFB 522 is a great little 808-like drum machine. Not super common on eBay and no longer in production, they can still sometimes be had for about $350 or so. The 503 is more 909-like, but has less knobs than the 522.

      Hold on to the power supply for that 424 (if it's a mkIII) and treat it like fucking GOLD. They're almost impossible to find these days.
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