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Insane instrument (harp/guitar/drummachine)

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  • Insane instrument (harp/guitar/drummachine)

    Skip to 6:30 to hear him make ambient music. This thing is awesome

    A tour of "Taproot", a musical instrument built by luthier FredCarlson. This is a one-of-a-kind Harp-Sympitar, a baritone guitar with 12 harp strings that c...

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    damn hippies... I kid, that's a heck of an instrument and he's definitely enthusiastic about it. Looks like it's a beast to play, with lots of options going on.

    Certainly a work of art as well.

    Surprised he didn't go on and make it a multiscale/fanned fret, his gallery has a multiscale instrument already. Unless he decided it was just too much of a pain. Or, it does sound like it was made for someone, maybe they didn't want it.
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      Whenever I see an instrument like this (or like a three necked guitar) I feel like the evolution will one day must give us an extra set of arms and hands. Until then this stuff won't reach it's full potential, which is sad


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        Good grief. Now that's a creation and a half.
        But when it comes to strange instruments, I say the king of that trope is Nadishana. He possesses such a crazy range of exotic instruments that you wonder where he gets them all. But he can do simple too, like in the following video where he plays... a metal teapot.