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Recording stereo guitar into Roland Duo Capture EX (or similar w/ only 1 Hi-Z input)

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  • Recording stereo guitar into Roland Duo Capture EX (or similar w/ only 1 Hi-Z input)

    Hi all, I'm planning on getting a Roland Duo Capture EX (to replace my Focusrite 2i2, for various reasons). It's just what I need except it has only one Hi-Z input. I usually have a Zoom MS-70CDR at the end of my effects chain and want to record a stereo guitar signal, to better capture the space created by the reverbs and ping-pong delay kinds of stereo effects.

    I'm not exactly sure what the impedance of my signal is coming out of the Zoom, I assume Hi-Z. So, would I just need to get a DI box (active/passive??) to convert one of my guitar cables coming out of the Zoom into Lo-Z and then I can go into the Lo-Z input of the Duo Capture with that (while going into the Hi-Z as usual with the other cable)?

    Is this thinking correct?

    I also did some research on this and found something called Motu ZBox. I asked someone online and they said the following, which I'm sharing to get your opinion on.

    (In response to whether the Zbox would work for the purpose I mentioned above) If the impedance matches up, then yeah maybe. But that may not be likely. Unfortunately MOTU does not list specs for the Zbox. And remember the Zbox has a Hi-Z and Lo-Z input that "impedance matches" the signal to come out of the Zbox to help your preamp sound like a 1M-ohm load. Make sense?

    I think a better idea is to get a DI type box from Radial or Lehle that will turn one of you Hi-Z signals into a 1/4 Lo-Z signal. You're card has two 1/4" inputs, yes? One mic level, one instrument level? A simple Whirlwind passive DI should do that. But you might need a XLR to 1/4" cable coming out of the DI box. Don't believe me on this one, but that might, just maybe match your impedance.

    You could try a Zbox and if it doesn't work, take it back and get a good DI. Email Radial and Lehle and explain what you're trying to do. They should have something or at least have some advice. Also, it's more money but you could buy a cheap mixer, or get upgrade your sound card to a USB box that has multiple inputs. The Radial JDV MK3 does almost everything, but it's a bit pricey. That's my next purchase. Hope that helps.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can kindly spare some time for this. Cheers!

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    Alright guys, I guess I should've asked this at a more technically oriented forum, sorry for the boring question. But for anyone who runs into this, I want to make it more informative by stating that my Zoom MS-70CDR can drive the Lo-Z input on the Roland Duo Capture EX and I don't hear any difference between the Hi-Z and Lo-Z channels coming from Zoom MS-70CDR into Roland. Of course, other pedals might not be able to do the same, it depends on their output impedance.


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      Thanks! You know, I got the most ridiculous answer from the store clerk who sold me the device at a well-established roland distributor. Then I got a partially wrong answer from Roland support. I got the best answer from another forum and trying it out verified it. It's really sad and annoying how the regular users or strangers know more and are more willing to guide you then the people who make and sell the device.


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        Yeah, this is a chronic problem where I live, where nobody ever says "I don't know" and "I'm sorry." The guy is telling me that if I switch the "monitoring" button to "stereo" than my Hi and Lo-Z inputs will both start recording Hi-Z. Ugh!