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    I was wondering if any of you who use hardware can offer suggestions as to how you clean stuff. Like when a pot seems to "crackle". Do you just give it a few turns and that usually works? Do you use compressed air? Spray it with something? Do you need to take things apart to get to it? Pretty generic question, I know, but I want to make sure I do it the right way.

    Also, on my mixer, one of the push buttons seems to sometimes "catch". I think it just got a little dust in there.

    I should know these things by now, but as I said... I don't want to mess anything up! :o
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    Good question. I need to clean the pots on my Arcam amplifier.
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      Switch cleaner is good for cleaning pots - you can get it at Radio Shack or whatever your local equivalent is


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        Here's an instructive video of a guy restoring sliders on an Arp 2600. (I'm researching this stuff in preparation for getting up the courage to dive into mine one of these days...)

        Here's another more radical approach...personally I'd never do this to my vintage gear!!!!!

        Here's a link to a Gearslutz thread with some discussion of products that could be used. Focused on slider pots, but it could be useful to you.

        Discalimer: I have personally not tried any of these tactics yet!!! So far I have resorted to just exercising the pots (whether rotary or slider) and letting them clear themselves of dirt and corrosion as best they can.
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          I just ordered 250ml IPA, a compressed gas blower and a switch cleaner. I need to clean the heads on my cassette recorder too.
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            Back in my more industrious days, I used to take apart all my gear and clean it once a year or so. I mostly used some switch cleaner from 3M and alcohol.

            I allowed smoking in the studio, so things needed cleaning. Now, with no smoking and fewer things in the physical realm, I haven't in a number of years. When I do now it is mostly just blowing out the dust.