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    Ha, I want to get a Panorama P4 as well! Not sure when I'll be able to get it though. Let us know if you do get it and what you think!!! So far everything I've heard about it has been very positive.
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      Updated setup! The UPS guy brought by my Rig Kontrol 3 Soundcard direct from NI! So far this thing sounds great! I am using it as my main soundcard for now so i can listen to 24bit 192khz audio

      Just for the heck of it! :listening:
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        Originally posted by jespis

        My lo-fi setup.
        Nice! I like minimalist setups, something about them is very Zen-like.

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          I've decided to go ultra-minimalist.

          My new setup will now consist of just this once i finish getting the funds for it. If I need other gear for certain things I'll see if i can't borrow it or rent it.

          - 2x Apple Ipad 4th Gens
          - Apple Macbook Pro Late 2012 Model *Purchased*

          Go Minimalism Go! :D
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            Here is a pic of my setup:


            And a list:

            Novation | ReMOTE 61SL, ReMOTE 25SL Compact
            KORG | padKONTROL
            Native Instruments | Kore 2 control surface
            Frontier | AlphaTrack
            Focusrite | Liquid Mix, Scarlett 8i6 interface
            Zoom | H2n
            Yamaha | HS50
            AKG | K240 Studio

            and tons of software ;)


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              What do you think of your HS50Ms?

              I have nothing to compare mine with, but I'm happy with them.


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                The HS50m are very good value. They lack some low-end but I'm okay with that.
                I have a glass desk and the HS80 would have been too heavy.


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                  I just ordered an Arcam rDAC-kw and rWAVE. They have just discontinued them in favour of a Bluetooth unit :uh: No more running cables along the floor to listen to masters on the HiFi. Plus I can route the digital output from my Marantz CD-63SE through it.
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                    Originally posted by Ghostwave View Post
                    The HS50m are very good value. They lack some low-end but I'm okay with that.
                    I have a glass desk and the HS80 would have been too heavy.
                    Same here.


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                      Some pics here:

                      Gear list and links are on my website gear page.
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                        My computer is a mid-range gaming PC in an oversized tower, running Windows 7. Edirol MA-10A monitors, M-Audo Axiom 25 controller, SX Ursa short-scale fretless bass, Cecilio electric violin.

                        Not shown: Zoom H4 recorder, Korg Wavedrum, Moog Etherwave theremin, generic cheap electric guitar, marching xylophone, HAPI drum (a propane tank drum similar to a Hang Drum), assorted Middle Eastern and Irish frame drums, medium-large ceramic doumbek, small aluminum doumbek, small ashiko, some sort of modern ceramic hybrid frame drum/Udu whose name I don't recall, Remo Ocean Drum, a couple other hand drums, miscellaneous Meinl Spark shakers, small shekere, Yamaha tenor, alto and soprano recorders, Stylophone, and electric kazoo.

                        In the closet, doomed to disuse: Korg padKontrol, Korg DS-8, Casio CZ-101, and most of a Korg microKey.

                        In my past, now sold or dead: MicroMoog, Korg DW-8000, Yamaha DX-100, Yamaha RX-17, Yamaha QX-something MIDI sequencer of suckitude, Oberheim DPX-1, Hohner Bass 3, Tascam Portastudio, Alesis Microverb, Boss delay pedal, a host of terrible Radio Shack garbage and cable nightmares.


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                          My setup is pretty doggone minimal for many reasons:
                          Micron P4 PC with 2gigs ram, 1TB main drive, 500MB slave / Acer 5250 laptop / E-MU 0202 USB interface / M-Audio KeyRig 49 keyboard / AKG K240 headphones for mixing / JVC HA-FX35 earbuds for tracking (I hear you laugh but there is ZERO bleedover audio to the mics when tracking acoustic instruments) / MXL D.R.K. condenser mic / Various DAWs - Music Creator 5, Audition 3, Audacity 1.3, Reaper 4.32 (current project), FL Studio 8.

                          My system enables me to connect anything I need to get the job done with the least amount of fiddling with stuff or sitting through tutorial videos on YouTube. It's sort of modular...I can connect all sorts of instruments, hand percussion, field recorders, radios, mobile devices, assorted outboard processors and FX
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                            some sort of modern ceramic hybrid frame drum/Udu whose name I don't recall

                            It's a "gunta" (#2).


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                              Pretty minimal setup, w/ Sony Vaio i3 laptop, Toshiba external 1 TB HD, Fostex PMO.4 monitors, Korg microKey, Lexicon Alpha interface, & ART Tube MP. Not showing are my Takamine acoustic & Ibanez electric guitars, several mics & mic stand, and a small Kustom brand PA for live gigs. Oh, and also the Korg nonaKontrol 2 which a friend has now.
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                                I've been trying to acquire some hardware because I spend too much time working on the computer already. Some is being built for me, some I am building, some I bought. Due to the Russian Post Office collapsing earlier this year and people sending my stuff to the wrong country it has been a fairly slow process. Hopefully it will come together by the end of summer. At least I have something I can make noises with now.