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Anyone using a Mackie Control Universal?

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  • Anyone using a Mackie Control Universal?

    I have been using a Mackie Control Universal (older eMagic version, light grey chasis) for the last 5 or so years. I set it up for ProTools when I first got it (HUI mode) and it was connected to my PC via a MIDI card married to my original soundcard. With the new PC, I did not bring over the soundcard so purchased a MIDI-to-USB box. When I switched to using S1 (and Reaper before that), I did not change it's mode.

    Last night was the first time I had done some mixing on the new system, and the MCU was not communicating. No problem, it's a new system, so I set it up per Presonus' instructions (using StudioOne here) and it operates completely different than it did for the last 5 years; it operates mostly as expected but the (blue lcd bar, 2 rows) display has changed. I suspect it is because it is now in Universal mode rather than HUI. Switching back to HUI does not seem to work with S1 any longer. This shouldn't be due to any updates to S1 as the last update was just before I switched PCs.

    It used to display a 4 character truncated track name (not just the first 4 letters; but something like Synth 1 might be SYN1) and a horizontal metering bar underneath for each track. Most functions were not available from the control area (just transport and changing fader banks) and the 9th fader (Master Fader) was not available. The panpots showed a spread of LED bars indicating pan position.

    Since I reset the unit the display now reads out up to 7 characters, still truncating (ex. MT2 vobox Pref to MT2vbxP) with the second row displaying the fader position (ie. -15.6) and a vertical metering bar spread over both rows (the last letter of the name converts to the meter if the bar exceeds the bottom row). Most all functions are accessible and the Master Fader is operational. Panpots now display a second LED on the bottom of the LED ring when completely centered and only a single bar indicating position.

    I also notice what I call "fader growl" happening. This is where the actual digital setting of the fader seems to be in between whatever steps the motor can resolve and it is micro-shifting between the upper and lower limits, not moving enough to see but making a very quiet growling noise as it oscillates. It is easily resolved by touching the fader, establishing it's position. This only happens on a rare track here and there, and when opening the session for the first time since the reset. Once I have touched the fader and saved the project, it doesn't seem to growl any more when launched after that.

    Overall the change is not a problem, but a benefit--I am only trying to understand the what, whys, and hows of the change and was hoping someone here might have some experience or insight into this. I can only find a quick-start manual and a much-appreciated guide to the operations with S1 from Presonus but not the proper OEM manual. A Google search yielded no one else commenting on a recent change in the way the MCU operated/displayed with S1.

    TLDR: Anyone using an MCU notice a change in operations or display recently?
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