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  • Equalizer

    Hi all,

    I want to add an EQ pedal to my effects chain but I'm unsure of which one works best with ambient music.

    I see that prices range all across the spectrum as well as capabilities.

    I don't necessarily want to break the bank however quality is most important.
    ​​​​​​ Does anyone have any suggestions on an equalizer that would fit my needs?


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    I tried the Free The Tone Programmable EQ pedal and here is what happened:

    A lot of white noise/hissing and also made the Chase Tone SP *POP* when engaged -- took it out of the signal chain and went straight in/out of the pedal only -- same amount of white noise/hiss -- contacted dealer to return it -- I had heard back from the dealer that sold the Free the Tone EQ to me last week - it was beyond noisy - he told me they plugged it in and agreed the noise was horrible but they compared it to some of their stock and found the other ones to be "much less noisy" - he stated he thinks I just got a "bad pedal" - but, to me, "much less noisy" is still too noisy and my request for a silent EQ continues