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Can Opener App - Anyone tried it?

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  • Can Opener App - Anyone tried it?

    I stumbled across an app called Can Opener last week, and have found it to be the most interesting audio enhancement plugin I've tried so far. The idea is quite simple: By introducing some crossfeed between the left and right channels in your headphones, it mimics the behavior of speakers in a room. To me, it sounds very good. The sound is very open, and placed more naturally outside my head. It also seems to have the benefit of making listening for long periods less tiring.

    From the handful of audio enhancement apps I've tried, this is by far the most useful. It fits perfectly in my workflow, where I will take a moment each morning to listen with fresh ears to a bounce of my last day's work, no matter where I am. With many other apps the processing involved just makes decisions more difficult, but this one is actually helping me.

    The only thing I'm missing feature-wise is playlists. Dragging songs around easily to find a good track order would have been nice.

    There's also an AU version of the app (in beta) to use as a plugin in a DAW, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet.

    Did anyone else try this? How did you like it?
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    Here's the link to the AU plugins from Goodhertz:

    Lossy looks quite cool, with the real-time mp3 compression... | |