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Does anyone here use TouchDAW?

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  • Does anyone here use TouchDAW?

    I don't have a tablet, yet, and I'm seeing what I could use one for, in relation to controlling certin aspects of my DAW. TouchDAW looks to be the ticket so I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this product.

    One thing I will not be getting is an iPad... Just to expensive for my taste, and I don't like putting too much of my money into apple products. My wife and I have an iPod nano each and I bought my wife a Mac Book Pro, and that's enough methinks :D


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    LOL! I guess not.

    I downloaded it for my new android phone. I had a mess around and, to be honest, it didn't work for me. I suppose it would be a bit more interesting if it was used as a performance thing when playing live, which is not what I do.
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