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New Portable Minimoog - The Arturia "iMini"

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  • New Portable Minimoog - The Arturia "iMini"

    Arturia is introducing its first Ipad application, the iMini.
    iMini is an application recreating the classic Minimoog™ synthesizer that is based on the TAE™ technology found in Arturia award winning Mini V software.
    iMini is designed to allow users the classic sound, look and feel of this iconic synthesizer.

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    Looks cool, but apparently it was ported by Retronyms and accordingly has some limitations. No Audio Copy and Paste, no Audiobus, and recording only in Tabletop.
    For me ACP is a must and Audiobus should be part of the development plan for a future release. So I waiting on the sidelines for now.


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      Not compatible with original iPad...ouch...again! I've gotta get a new iPad.
      Only dead fish go with the flow.


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        Ok, I caved about the Minimoog app even though it does not have Audiobus. Played with a bit tonight and it's pretty cool. I'll report back when I have a chance to run it through thr Minibrute.


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          iMini has added Audiobus and it way more useful now. This track was made 100% from iMini sounds. No post processing or added FX.
          Recorded multiple tracks into LoopyHD and used Loopy to make the final mix. More sound exploration than a track I spent a lot of time sweating the details.


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            Recently iMini was can finally select midi channels though its midi implimentation still seems a bit wonky. Retronymes/Arturia really takes their time between updates. It does sound pretty darn good though.