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  • Waldorf - Nave

    New IOS wavetable synth by Waldorf and the guy who designed NLog came out yesterday and it is the buzz of the IOS music scene. Great sounds, tons of options but what stands out is the gorgeous interface. Works better on new iPads. I have an iPad 3 and some menu selection is a bit sluggish but not a deal breaker.
    This is a standout app and worth getting at the introductory price of $11.99.

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    As someone who loves Waldorf synths and has several sitting around here as well as a couple of the software versions, let me say that I'm a bit jealous! It looks like they did a very nice job indeed on this one. For about $12 for the intro promo you certainly seem to get a lot of bang for the buck! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it. :tu:
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      Spent the day with Nave. All sounds direct from the app with some post processing in Auria.



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        I believe the Nlog developer also did iSEM which is a much better implimented iOS synth then its sibling iMini. NLog Pro is also a good synth though I'm not a real fan of its patch selection layout...

        Nave is really a nice synth! I need to spend more time with it, but with so many good iOS synths out its hard to just stick with one...