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Audioshare is Free Today

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  • Audioshare is Free Today

    If you don't have Audioshare app (it's essential app for iOS music makers) you can get it from the AppStore for free TODAY ONLY. Normally $3.99.

    From the developer's site.

    AudioShare is an audio document manager with powerful import and export abilities.
    If you are using music-making apps on your device, this tool is a must-have!
    Organize all your soundfiles and midifiles on your device. Create folders, rename and move files and folders around, put everything where you can find it.

    Use it to transfer soundfiles between apps and between your device and computer. For example, take a soundfile from your dropbox and share it on SoundCloud. Or audiocopy sounds from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library for later sharing or copying into other apps. Some apps, like Audio Mastering Studio, has a dedicated Export to AudioShare button for super-smooth workflow.