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Korg Polysix controlling iPolysix on iPad

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  • Korg Polysix controlling iPolysix on iPad

    Not sure where to put this... So I've had Polysix for something like 20 years now, and I also have the iPolysix on my iPad. I installed Kiwisix replacement / MIDI add-on board on Polysix some time ago, and now realised I can actually use it to control iPolysix. Not so useful as a mobile controller though

    This is all done on iPad except for the sound recording and video editing. Most likely I could have done this solely on iPad too. iPad is connected to iConnectAUDIO4+ interface. Polysix sends MIDI to iPolysix. On iPad app called Midiflow is used to reroute Polysix control change messages to iPolysix. AUM is used to create audio connections between iPolysix and Mac. - soundcloud - twitter - facebook - - - sanara creations