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IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 only 169.99 at Audiodeluxe.

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  • IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 only 169.99 at Audiodeluxe.

    I just noticed this incredible bargain while browsing their site.

    The Total Studio 3 bundle includes:

    Virtual Instruments and Sounds:
    • SampleTank 2.5 XL
    • Sonik Synth 2
    • Miroslav Philharmonik
    • SampleMoog
    • SampleTron
    • 15 Xpansion Tank 2 Multi-Sampled Instrument Collections

    Guitar & Bass Gear:
    • AmpliTube 3
    • AmpliTube Custom Shop

    Mixing & Mastering:
    • T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mastering Suite
    • CSR - Classik Studio Reverb

    Basically you get all that for 170 bucks! Seems like a no-brainer.. or is it ?

    Anyone know why they are selling this so cheap? Is IK Multimedia not that good anymore?
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    I paid $149 for the instruments bundle over a year ago, and I pretty much regret it. If you don't have anything at all it could prove useful, but the stock instruments in Logic Pro X ($199) are considerably better if you are on a Mac. The only thing I have found useful is Miroslav Philharmonik. While not totally realistic, it sits well in a mix, and also works with Notion if you are into notation / scoring. The installers for Mac are pretty much crap. If you have changed the drive label on the system drive, the installer will lose its mind, run for about an hour showing progress, and install nothing. And they are also 32-bit only.

    I can't really say anything about the T-Racks. Maybe someone else can share some info on them. I've been tempted in the past, but have been gun shy due to the poor quality of the instrument package.


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      I have what is in the package (minus the 15 expansions), Bought it piece by piece early on in my ITB recording experience. The instruments don't see much use these days, and a lot of the T-Racks stuff has been replaced by other things in my toolbox. It's not that the stuff is of poor quality, I just found other things I preferred. That being said, 169 is still a great price for all that you get in that package, and there is a little bit of everything.

      I still use a CSR reverb or some T-Racks limiter/compressor to change flavors.

      The single most useful part of the IK stable for me is Amplitube. I really like it and use it almost every time I play guitar. Not certain how much I paid, but as much use as it gets, 170 bucks just for that would have been worth it. It also gets softsynths through it on occasion.

      IK is always having/about to have some blowout sale. I just wait around until the Amplitude collection I want goes on sale then buy it, using the credits I bought in the huge credits 4X group buy they had last year. If you aren't sure you want it, you do have time to wait and see. It may go back up at the end of the month, but rest assured by November it will come back down.

      TLDR: I am not the greatest judge of gear, but even without the instruments, that would be a great price for a decent collection of tools. I think you'd find $170 worth of use in it.
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        That looks like a great deal. The T-Racks and CSR stuff alone says bargain to me. I like their instruments too. I bought most of this gear through offers, etc., and use a lot of this stuff. The only gear I don't yet own is Amplitube (although I have the free version). My latest track, THX-15, uses a LOT of IK stuff.
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          For mastering on a basic level the T-Racks stuff is ok, i bought it earlier on this year but now it basically gathers dust as I've gone back to using mastering gear I prefer.

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