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bargains - where do you buy your plugins?

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  • bargains - where do you buy your plugins?

    For the most part I've bought stuff right at the developer's site. I saw somebody mention audiodeluxe, set up an account there and saw that for whatever reason, the prices were even lower than those displayed when you were not logged in..? I know there's plugin boutique....anything else I missed?

  • #2 have some decent offers sometimes.

    or the kvr marketplace.
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      JRRShop has great prices and usually responsive customer service.

      Although I haven't bought anything from them since they snubbed me on Eventide's Blackhole a couple months back. It went on some crazy sale and I purchased it just hours after it went on sale. After 2 days I get a refund saying sorry, they sold out on the reduced price licenses the night before. That would have been the night before it went on sale. Never got a reply back on asking how that would have been possible. But they are trustworthy otherwise, and given a good price I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

      I usually use Audiodeluxe and have a subscription to Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day.


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        Unless I REALLY want something I almost always wait until the plugin goes on sale from the manufacturer. Exceptions of this of course include anything from U-he, Camel Audio, or Audio Damage.

        Sales with software/sample companies happen once, twice, sometimes three times per year. So if you keep tabs on those you are interested in, chances are their products might go on a promotional discount.

        I have bought from Audiodeluxe a couple of times...even "made an offer" with them (are they still doing that?) and gotten a better price than I could have anywhere else. Musicians friend sometimes lets go software at ridiculous prices but it's usually long after it's released.
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