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Deal on IK Multimedia prosessors.

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  • Deal on IK Multimedia prosessors.

    I see that IK Multimedia have a deal on their T-Racks prosessors now.
    The collections are The Vintage Compressors Bundle, British Studio Series, and Multiband Series. The Vintage Compressors and Multiband Series have 4 processors, the British Studio Series 3, and each collection sells for $149.99/€119.99, and when they reach 250 sales, you get one package for free.

    My question to you are: Have anyone any experiance with both the Waves SSL4000 channelstrips and the IK Multimedia British Channel? Is there any significant difference between the two?

    I use T-Racks for my mastering, and have the Deluxe package. Thinking of buying the British Studio Series, but I want to know if any of you have some experiance with the Waves plugins.