From my email:

Yes! You read it right!

Free copy of ENZYME CM in Computer Music Magazine

The current issue of Computer Music Magazine (issue 202) hasENZYME CM featured on the cover disk. This is a free version of ENZYME, specially developed for CM magazine readers, which contains 50 presets, fullENZYME synthesis engine and a free bonus bank available if you pop on over and 'like' us on Facebook!
AND that's not all....... there is also a special discount code for CM readers to use when purchasing the full version of ENZYME!

Ready to grab your copy of the mag?
It's available in both paper and digital formats and some of the options even let you have it for free......Can your day get any better?
So...... follow the linky links, Grab your copy of the magazine, download your free version and get creating......Simples!

for iPad,iphone & iPod touch
for PC, Android, iPad & more
for Android and Chrome
Includes Dual-layer DVD


I use Enzyme a lot, and was a huge fan of it's previous incarnation, Scanned Synth Pro 2. Wonderful sound engine and great sounds abound :D