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    I am sitting on the horns of a dilemma here, and I hope that some of you folks may be able to help me out.

    I have had the demo version of ATOMIC by Algo Music for several years, but have never really "taken it out of the box to play with" until this weekend.

    Indeed, the internal sounds are quite good, but I want to use ATOMIC to drive other soft-synths, and I have spent the better part of the weekend trying to achieve just that result, but I am starting to think this is just a pipe-dream.

    I am using Ableton Live 8, and no matter how I try to configure the midi in/out of Atomic and whatever synth I'm using,
    I just cannot get any midi into the soft synth. I have set up other programs to drive synths in Ableton, in particular Noatikl, but I am just stumped at this point.
    If anybody out there is using Atomic to drive another synth, could you please jump in and possibly share your magic recipie?
    If I can get it to work, I will buy it in a heartbeat, but right now it's just an exercise in frustration.:hmmm:

    Thanks people!

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    I cannot speak to midi routing in Ableton ... but, in Atomic, make sure you click on the little green triangle to the right of the 'midi out' button to enable Atomic's midi out. I use Reaper as my DAW and it has a built-in midi out indicator so it is easy for me to see when a generator is producing output. If Ableton does not have a built-in midi indicator then there are a few freeware plugins that I have used in previous DAWS to confirm that midi messages were being sent:

    Actually, I have not toyed with Atomic in a while and your post has inspired me to bring it up a work with it again.
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      Thanks Tonecarver. Yeah, I enabled the midi send button, but still get nothing, but I'm glad to hear that you are going to pull Atomic out and give her a go, that's fantastic. I also have Cubase, so I'll go back to that and see if she works any better in that environment.
      I also may have read something about the midi out being disabled in the demo version, but I may just be hallucinating:daydream:


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        Originally posted by Jimmy Edwards View Post
        .... I may just be hallucinating:daydream:
        Time to fire up the DAW!


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          Read the first post in this thread from 2008 - it specifically mentions the DEMO version and MIDI:-

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            Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
            Read the first post in this thread from 2008 - it specifically mentions the DEMO version and MIDI:-

            Seismic1 solves the mystery! :tu:

            Nice work.
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              Thank you very much seismic, I thought that I had heard/seen that somewhere, but couldn't for the life of me remember where!
              Guess I'm buying a new VST!!!!!:thumbsup: