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  • Presonus Studio One

    Anyone using it regularly?

    I messed with it before but plumped for Reaper as my 'only' Daw. Yeah, that resolution lasted...

    Picked up the Artist version in yesterdays $5 sale just for something to play with and, heck, pulled me right in again. Seems to just 'work' in a way Reaper doesn't for me even after using nothing but Reaper for a year now. Stuff like dragging a slice of audio to the Impact drum sampler; just highlight and drag as opposed to setting up custom actions and slicing and dicing and... in Reaper. Y'know?

    Obviously the Artist version has the limitation of no VST support but somebody on KvR pointed out that Reaktor and Guitar rig are recognised if you have them in the right folder (and you have the full versions naturally).

    So, I'm considering going minimal for a while, just S1, Reaktor (minimal... ha!) and Guitar Rig. May miss my audio damage plugs and a couple of synths (Rhino...) but think Reaktor and GR should cover all the delays, reverbs etc. And the S1 effects are pretty decent anyway for all the bread and butter stuff.
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    How to make a short answer a long one:

    I started off using PT10, and got Reaper to Rewire VSTs. I ended up using Reaper about as much as PT until I got S1 Professional in a sale for $149. PT and Reaper don't see as much action now as I really do like S1.

    I felt more comfortable in PT, but I am not willing to upgrade to 11, and really do not want to have to worry about AAX versions. Most things did come as RTAS during my PT days, but not everything...

    Anyhow, I use S1 primarily now, and have not run into much trouble. If I can think of any negatives, it might be that the mixer and track views are not like they are in Reaper and PT, but other than that, things run great. It is really easy to find my projects as well as complete them using S1's project mode. Running an i7 920 with 24G of RAM, not much problem with bumping my head in S1 (or Reaper, to be fair).

    Presonus has sales 3-4 times a year, and you should be able to score an upgrade (if you feel the need) for a decent price.

    TLDR: Yes, I use it as my main DAW and love it.


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      Speak of the devil: Artist to Pro Upgrade at JRR

      $149.97 when added to cart
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        Coincidence? Probably not, that Uncle E seems a shrewd business man.

        Still enjoying S1 though having to be wary of its CPU hit; on the old core2duo laptop I tend to use for audio, I'm getting a 20% hit for the Impact sampler with just two samples playing...
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          Studio One is a solid DAW. I just wish it was a bit cheaper, with the market being as full as it is.


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            At least it's possible to get it significantly cheaper than RRP if you play the market a bit (get a cheap copy of Artist as I have then wait for the next sale). Not aware of anyway of doing that with Live, Cubase etc.
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              I got my Pro via free Artist and a crossgrade via Ableton Live.

              I imagine that Reaktor and Guitar Rig work because it ships with lesser versions of both (some lite version of GR, and a Reaktor Player version of something), and it's just not smart enough to realise you're loading the full one :lol:

              I like Studio One, though, I've used it since 1.x and just find it so fast for working with audio.

              As for Live, Ableton fairly regularly discounts it and upgrades anywhere from 20-33% off.