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best software mac osx for absolute beginner

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  • best software mac osx for absolute beginner

    Can anyone recommend the best software to get for mac osx 10.9?
    I am resonably tech savvy but a complete beginner when it comes to creating music, so any advice or pointers and tips would be much appreciated!



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    Hey there, and welcome to AO!

    You may want to post this question and read a bit over in the Software section of these forums for a better response.

    There are also other sections where artists and engineers are discussing methods and tools like Ambient Theory and Methods, Ambient Chat and Tutorials .

    My last mac was a Rev. B iMac, so anything I know about it is severely dated (OS9).

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      Thanks for your reply

      Thanks for this, I'll take a look at the links you suggested...


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        Well, Garageband comes on your Mac and it is pretty solid. Certainly you can start there. I actually recommend total newbs to get hardware instead of software to be honest. I think the tactile controls are a lot better for learning synthsis.

        You can pick up most of the old grooveboxes that are from the nineties for less than $200. A single Roland MC series box for example can get you up and making a whole song for your first couple of months and then you can slowly add on more boxes as you go.

        All of the old electribe boxes can be hand for probably $150 or less.

        Here is an entire chillout/ambient album made on only an MC-303.

        (Not my work)
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          Hi there!

          First of all, welcome to the forum. I've moved your thread to the software section of our forums, just so you know. Also, when you have a moment it would be cool if you made a proper introduction if you're interested!

          I'll respond to your inquiry soon.

          Cheers and welcome to ambient online,
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