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    Does anyone own Vaz Modular? It's one of those things I've had on my wish list for quite some time and thinking I should get it at some point during 2013. There is also Vaz Plus and Vaz 2010 which are much more affordable, so I might start there.

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the versions of Vaz?

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    I played with the demos a lot way back when, not a bad sound for sure but not quite convinced it's as great as some say. Maybe better nowadays? Personally though modulars like karmafx sounded better (on sale at the mo! )

    Though have to say I don't really like eithers patching system. Found the drop downs in VAZ tiresome and the half hidden cables in karma confusing. Give me obvious virtual cables such as in ACE anyday.
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      i have vaz, pretty cool synth.
      a fairly complex modular synth environment with a great sound, which can also use your vst fx as modules.

      its not for everyone so check the demos, and there are other modula software options available be sure to try as many as you can before settling for the right one .


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        I used an early version of it years back when a friend and I worked on stuff on his PC with literally just Vaz Modular, some MIDI soundfonts and a drum machine. I remember we used to get really confused with Vaz but I know a lot more about modular environments now so I'm definitely thinking of revisiting it.