I have HeizenBox 2.3 C++ source code. Looking for someone to recompile it for PC (and for Mac, if someone is interested). Compiled version will be set free.
Source code package contains sources for other plugins: Turntablist Pro, Creakbox Bassline, Drumbox and LiveGate.

HeizenBox (outdated) KVR site:

HeizenBox review (from February 2006):

From original developer notes:

Development platforms used:
Windows 98SE, XP: Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003
Mac OS9: Codewarrior 7
Mac OSX: Codewarrior 9

Libaries needed by the plugins:
For sample loading in Turntablist Pro and Drumbox, I used version 1.05 of the libsnfile library. Get it from here: http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/
For TTP, Creakbox and Drumbox I used version 2.3 of the VST/VSTGUI SDKs from http://www.steinberg.net/. I probably used a beta version of 2.2 for LiveGate but it shouldn’t be much trouble to get it working with 2.3.