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  • List of VST hardware emulators

    Please post the latest VSTi hardware emulators.
    Right now I know of Arturia, which makes tones of Hardware VSTi emulators. Anywhere else?
    Plesae specifiy if it is availabe for MAC, Windows, or Both!! I currently use MAC.

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    yes, there are many. Emulations and circuit modelling are arguably the most focused on trendss in development lately .

    Almost every developer has some sort of analog-emulating software. It's better if you look around first, see all that's out there and find out which interest you the most.

    Are you looking for a specific synth model (like Arturia's line has) or just things that are analog-like?

    Besides Arturia, some of my favorites modeled on actual units are Sonic Project's OPX II Pro, AIR's Velvet, and Xils 3 (or 4). For analog-like, but not specific model I like AIR Vacuum or Loom. No idea which of these are cross platform, etc.


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      Good questions. I guess it doesn't have to be anything specific. I'm looking for that fat sound I guess. Atmosphere, epic, angelic pads. Something similar to Omnisphere pads perhaps. Somethihng about hardware, it just sounds more lush to me. But Omnisphere is pretty much there I'd say in terms of fatness. I will check out those you mentioned!


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        I just realized that with my music, my first priority is EPIC clear, hardware sounding Pads and atmospheres. It will stand out the most with my music, so I can't short change the quality.
        Just listened to Air Vacuum, Very nice, can get some huge sounds!
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          VirtualCZ - emulates Casio's phase distortion synths of the 80s, specifically the CZ-1.
          REdominator - Alpha Juno, crack your glowsticks and kiss yourself.
          KiloHearts ONE - nothing specific, but I think they really had the non-alpha Roland Junos in mind here. Very lovely analog emu imo.

          Those are the newest ones that come to mind and are all both.


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            Afraid these are both Windows VSTis but both have a nice sound that genuinely captures some of the original 'magic':

   - PG8X modelled on a Roland JX8P. I can't do a side-by-side comparison but a friend had one of these years ago, it certainly seems to have the same mojo.

   - Ensoniq SQ80 recreation - no idea of it's 'authenticity' but sounds great.
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              Not so new but great:

              TAL-BassLine-101 = Roland SH-101
              TAL-U-NO-LX = Roland Juno-60

              On sale at

              Windows: Windows XP or higher (32 / 64 bit)
              OSX: OSX 10.6 or higher (32 / 64 bit).
              AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher


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                Originally posted by GaryG View Post
       - Ensoniq SQ80 recreation - no idea of it's 'authenticity' but sounds great.
                I love this synth. It is so powerful and adaptable. It's great for 'natural' sounds and also for the wilder stuff. I have found that the filters need to be treated with respect, but the sounds are magical.
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