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VSTs very similar to M-RGTs 3 programs?

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  • VSTs very similar to M-RGTs 3 programs?


    since a lot of people here say M-RGTs 3 VSTs (Ambitron, psybox and psygen) are so great, I wanted to buy them, but the company doesn't exist anymore and the website too is now a Papanese or Chinese page... So are there any VSTs you could recommend that come very close and are very similar to these pieces of software in what they do ? I know quite a lot of granular VSTs but it would be interesting to find out more about this.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    I have psybox and psygen, but no longer use them as I have switched to Mac. I would be happy to transfer them to a good home, and would only ask that you make a small donation to the KVR Save the Children charity auction. Send me a private message if you want them.

    Sound developers and music enthusiasts helping children in need. | Check out 'Call to Arms: Charity 2014' on Indiegogo.


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      Ok I'll contact you by PM


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        Oh and if there's someone wanting to get rid of Ambitron, let me know


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          holding on to my ambitron and psybox, still regretting not getting the psygen.