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Ableton Live 9 :) Finally

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  • Ableton Live 9 :) Finally

    Hi All

    Signs , Finally decided to bite the bullet and get ableton live 9 standard through sweetwater can't wait to start using it before was using sonar 8.5 producer I liked it but decided to switch my workflow a little also ended up getting Fl studio 11 Figured for the stuff I like to do its a perfect match. I been using Komplete 7

    Can't wait to get using it

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    I love Live 9, it's just so easy to use. I tried so many others but nothing matches the ease of workflow for me.

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      So awesome... I really can't see myself using anything else right now.

      As I've stated on the forum before, the biggest challenge for me was finding a workflow between arrangement and session view. Each has their own strength... eventually you'll figure out how and when to use both of them.

      Congrats on the purchase and keep us updated on this thread on how it goes!

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        My New workflow is now Sonar 8.5 producer with rewire to ableton and Reason Awesome
        I also have and use Komplete 7 Getting more into creating my own sounds


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          Bought Live 9 Suite a few weeks ago, loving it myself.


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            I've seen just a couple screen shots of Live 9, so far. I'm pretty FL loyal..running with version 10, atm.. i don't get when i hear or read that Loops has limitations. Once you start adding VSTi, it doesn't.. unless it's a rinky-dink.. probably most DAWs stack up the same to where it's just the advantage is what you feel comfortable with.