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Free Cross Platform DX7 Emulation and DX7 Editor/Librarian

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  • Free Cross Platform DX7 Emulation and DX7 Editor/Librarian

    Do you have an old DX7 laying around? And you use a Mac? Feel left out by the lack of DX7 editor/librarian software for Mac? For years there have been numerous DX7 editor/librarian programs that ran on PC. But not so much on OSX. Now, along comes Dexed. It is a DX7 emulation VST plug-in available for PC and OSX!! Not only is it an FM synth plug-in, it also functions as a nice graphic patch editor and can send/receive sysex files to/from your DX7 via MIDI. On your Mac!
    And did I say it was free?

    If you have a four operator version (e.g. DX21, the site says that support for sysex dumps for those models is in the works for future upgrades.

    Check it out:

    The Synthtopia post includes a demo video and a link to the project site where you can download Dexed.

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    I was playing with Dexed recently, very nice emulation.

    Sounds like they may expand into other models in the future; personally hoping for a DX11/TX81Z mode, I used to get some really great sounds from my DX11 with it's extra waveforms.
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      Great cahtch! Will have a play with this one!
      Home Page:
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        It's very good tool and synth! Yamaha DX/TX7 series is very hard in tweaking and this tool should help. Also I've found that Dexed sounds better and closer than NI FM8 II