Just picked this up Friday and figured I'd post a bit about my experience with it.

I've loved all of Daniel's stuff, and my Anomaly for Alchemy has been a go-to bank for the terrifying and bizarre, so it seemed like the VSTi would be a no-brainer.

First, the download was huge! It comes with enough soundsets to last me for all Eternity, I swear!

Second: it uses the Wusik engine, which I'm not familiar with, so it took some experimenting, getting used to, and a fair amount of RTFM before I got it working.

But once I did, it was Heaven! Well, if Heaven were populated with creey angels, disturbed saints, and shambling monstrosities, I guess. Great sound quality, a wide variety of soundsets (honestly, a bazillion presets) and very easy to use once you read up on the Wusik thing.

A lot of the presets have a subtle variation on a theme, some evolving one way, some evolving another. There's plenty to work with and in the 2 days I've been beating on it I've only scratched the surface. I already recorded one track with four instances of Anomaly, I was so inspired by the sounds.

If you create dark ambient or need scary cinematic soundscapes, Anomaly is worth a try!