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  • New xoxos VSTi Float

    Yes, it's most likely 32-bit and Win only, but $13 for a new oscillator algorithm that sounds like it's very well suited to ambient, and looks fun to tweak is a no-brainer for me.
    You can download a demo and listen to an mp3 of it at
    "Critics can’t stand these records, by and large, because in their search for eternal adolescence, they still want it all to be spunky and manic and witty."
    -Brian Eno

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    :rotf: It took me about 3 presets before I realized these guys aren't huge bird lovers. :doh:

    But, really does sound great..nothing groundbreaking..or anything you couldn't do yourself with a little time and imagination, but then I guess that's the beauty of VSTs like this..they really help cut down on the time needed when producing a track. Think I'll grab this one $13 it's a real bargain.


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      Just bought it..but the email hasn't arrived yet..could be up to 24 hours before it does. I'm really looking forward to using this..nice sounds from it. Used xoxos stuff in the past, too. In fact, I recently downloaded STEAM for the umpteenth time, but still can't get it to make any sounds..don't know why, but I've heard good things about it from others..that it's great for ambient stuff in general.


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        The email with the DL link arrived. Now playing with it..happy days! :thumbsup: