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    I have been a long time Live user since version 6.0!

    When Ableton first announced it, I avoided it like the plague since it was buggy as F***! Once they got the bugs ironed out, I tried it out and to be honest the first time I used it I was thrown off and had a long period of going back and forth with it. Once I found out what I could do with it through constant experimentation I became addicted! The Clip based Midi sequencing idea is just absolutely genius and it just "works" for me! Im able to now play my ideas "live" ;)

    Before that I was sequencing with Reason.

    Once I started using Live I never really looked back, I guess I never really needed to. I am extremely excited for them to launch Live 9 so I can play with it! I also have just recently purchased Max For live and have been blown away with some of the user created devices!! I went over to a website called Csoundforlive and bought their full collection of stuff, set it up and began playing with CSOUND LIVE!!

    Csound is a open source MAX/MSP style coding language that pre-dates MAX i believe. It was created by the same developer who helped design Max, so you know it's definitely quality stuff :thumbsup:

    Csoundforlive basically allows you to run the code in realtime in live as a Ableton device and for like peanuts! They are not asking for much at all for their devices! <--- More info here <--- A site for free M4L devices !

    Anyways Im pretty enthusiastic about Ableton Live and it's pretty much all I need for what I do right now. Anyone else interested? Tried it?
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    I followed a similar path.

    I started out with a version of Cubasis back in something like 1999 and then got away from DAW work for a while as I was jamming with bands and we were recording onto tape (bad idea looking back at it as we might now have multitracks of those sessions).

    When I got back to it I mostly went to a friend's house and used whatever tools he had which were many and varied, but when I started my own stuff I got Ableton Live based on its reputation, and shortly afterwards got a copy of Reason (both of which I got as upgrades because I had the lite version).

    Really looking forward to version 9 myself too, and hopefully it's not much more than a month away if people are reading between the lines correctly.

    I'd like to get Max for Live too, but it's not at the front of the queue right now. But CSound - on a call and scanning it briefly - it needs Max for Live to be able to use the devices?


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      Originally posted by robojam View Post
      But CSound - on a call and scanning it briefly - it needs Max for Live to be able to use the devices?
      It would appear so. From their requirements page...

      In addition to the CsoundForLive software, Cs4L requires a working combination of 4 other programs: Csound, the Max/MSP external Csound~, Max for Live, and of course, Ableton Live. While our software is cross platform, some of these dependencies require versions specific to your Operating System, so this is where all of that gets sorted out.

      I don't have any of the additional programs yet either, just Live 8 - which I got to work on a project for someone else, but I mean to start exploring it for my own pieces as well. Sometime I would also like to get one of the hardware controllers for it. Maybe the one from Novation or even the original one from Akai. Do you guys have any experience with either of those?

      Live really has come a long way over the years and is a lot more solid than the early versions were.
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        Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?