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"Ambientica" - new Ambient/Berlin School/Atmospherics soundset for Nemesis

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  • "Ambientica" - new Ambient/Berlin School/Atmospherics soundset for Nemesis

    (not sure I can post this here, feel free to remove it if improper)

    "AMBIENTICA" - the new soundset made by Mac of BIOnighT for Tone2's Nemesis!

    (From the presentation newsletter):

    When Tone2 offered me the opportunity to create an Ambient soundset for their beautiful Nemesis, I was very excited and got to work right away.
    It took months to complete it, but here it is: "AMBIENTICA" is ready to become part of your productions!

    This soundset includes 167 different sounds that are bound to inspire you to create awesome soundscapes and cosmic sonic voyages. Most of these patches are atmospheric, textural and ambient in nature. They are rich in details and movement, use them in the right way and you’ll be able to create spacey, abstract sceneries with very little effort, free to follow your own creativity with no hurdles to slow you down.
    I also tossed in several arpeggio patches, as well as a handful of percussive and FX patches for good measure. I added a few simpler sounds, too: these are necessary to create, for example, those great Berlinese sequences and unobtrusive pads. You’ll have all you need to unleash your talent and give shape to complete ambient opera.
    This soundset is perfect for Ambient, Berlin School, Soundtrack, New Age, Experimental, Drone, and every time you need to add a touch of atmosphere to your productions.

    Check out the demo track : what you hear is what will come out of your Nemesis synth, since no external effects were used.

    So get your copy of “Ambientica,” get on your spaceship, and start your new voyage through the galaxy or within the deepest corners of yourself!


    I’ve always found Nemesis to be a highly inspirational instrument, so much so that in 2014 I recorded a whole album using solely this beautiful synth (it’s called “Dimmig Väg” – find it here and listen to it, if you don’t own Nemesis, yet, and would like to have an idea of what this amazing instrument can do).

    Working on “Ambientica,” however, gave me so many ideas that I recorded a double (as in two CDs) album using exclusively this soundset. This double album is called “Memoirs”. I was so excited about both the music and the soundset that I proposed to include the album as a free bonus with the soundset. The guys at Tone2 accepted, so you’ll find both volumes of “Memoirs” with your copy of “Ambientica” for your listening pleasure.
    The two volumes of the album are here:

    What you hear on the album is just the way I chose to use the soundset, but sounds are what you make of them: your creations will be different and personal, of course. And that makes me curious... so much so that I’d love to hear what you will record with this set, and I’d like you to share with me excerpts of the works you will create with these sounds. Let me hear what you can do, I’d like to listen!

    Fire up your Nemesis, let “Ambientica” inspire you and then send your streaming or download links to: [email protected]
    Enjoy and keep the music alive!

    (long-winded way to say "check it out and get it, if you like it )