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  • Cosmic for Padshop Pro

    I know we've got plenty of "news" about Simon's new soundbank COSMIC for Padshop Pro...but I felt it necessary to make a thread about it? Why?! Because I pre-ordered it and have now gotten the pleasure of spending time with this masterpiece of a preset collection and I have to say I am literally blown away!!! :biggrin:

    Love soundscapes? Love dark eerie stuff that sends you to that "dark place" inside your mind where only you and your music go? Love genius sound design and appreciate attention to detail with an already powerful granular sampler synth??!

    Well then, you'll LOVE this soundbank!!! Check it out for yourself...and while you're there, check out Simon's other work as well. It's brilliant! :tu:

    S1gns Of L1fe
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    Wow, thank's so much for the great feedback, Chris - that makes it all worthwhile really!