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CopperLan anyone?

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  • CopperLan anyone?

    Recently came across CopperLan and must say I'm pretty happy with it! For years I used Midi Over Lan but with Music Labs update costs and usage restrictions I started looking into other ways of routing Midi between my PCs. Used RTPMidi for a while but was running into some timing/sync issues. So I installed CopperLan and while it didn't fix the timing/sync issues (seems to be an issue with Reaper) the functionality it provides is awesome! I have two MOTU Midi Timepiece AV with parallel ports that I can't use on my Win7/8 computers which is a shame because I really liked their versatility. I do have a Midi Express 128 on my laptop and CopperLan allows me to use it in a similar manner as the AVs. In fact I can use it as a central midi hub and any midi signal between ut and any of my PCs ( and supposedly my iPad once they repost the app for it). Alyseum makes some midi hubs and modular synth interfaces (similar to Expert Sleepers products) that are CopperLan compliant.

    And its FREE! I like that aspect alot! :biggrin:

    If anyone is interested....