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  • Reverb

    Just wondering what everyone uses for reverb as that's pretty essential to giving the right character to ambient pieces.

    I use a combination of the reverb in Ableton Live (not that great but good for some things), various reverbs available in Reaktor (some great ones in the UL) and Glaceverb which is good for those really in your face reverbs.

    Anyone else have any recommendations?

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    Current reverb of choice - IK CSR
    Honourable mention - Valhalla Shimmer - I need to put this to more/better use.
    EnergyXT reverb - it has been noted that this is good for getting a "gritty" sound on percussion.
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      Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
      Current reverb of choice - IK CSR
      +1 for particular the "hall" reverb...I don't know what I can say about it except that it just "works." It's transparent but gives it that smooth deep effect that reverb is, without being too much so...a turn of the mix knob does the trick if it's too much. I'm a HUGE fan of mix knobs!!

      My honorable mention would go to Uhbik-A...a fun reverb with some pretty nice presets. Pretty straight forward and sounds good. I remember when I was considering a reverb I demoed Valhalla Room (because of the hype) and Uhbik side by side and Uhbik won...don't ask me why, it just sounded "better."

      Having just picked up Reaktor (still learning it, BTW!) I look forward to checking out the reverbs! I'm going through "Reaktor Explained" on groove3 with my 30 day's pretty mindblowing what it's capable of!
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        Energy XT reverb? Built in? I don't really use XT much except as a VST in Live if I want to do some modular routing. Will have to try that.

        I've heard CSR lauded before and have thought about it. I don't really have a good general use reverb so that might be on my list of things to consider.

        I get by with what I have, but really could use something better.


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          Yeah, from the mixer view if you click on the + in the channel insert or send box it should popup a dialog that allows you to choose an effect. I used it exclusively for almost 3 years. It's not as powerful as the big-name reverbs, but it can do a job. Freeverb3 is downloadable from the internet and has a "cleaner" sound to my ears. Before I bought CSR I would use eXT for percussion and Freeverb for synths etc.
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            I don't have Uhbik-A, but I have heard it. I think V0rt3x uses it. I have been quite impressed by it.
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              Hm, CSR is definitely not the first thing that I would have thought of. Obviously there's nothing wrong with it... especially considering the quality of Sign's and seismic's tracks (!), but not what I would have expected to hear.

              As robojam said, reverb is pretty essential for ambient, so it's interesting to hear what people are using.
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                I've used various reverbs that I've not been impressed with and yet to really find a free one that sounds exceptional.

                I'm resigned to the fact that one of these days I'll have to pay for one, but even some that I have paid for aren't that great.

                Like I said, the one in Live is OK but nothing special, and the reverbs in Komplete aren't that great with the exception of a few Reaktor ensembles that really have limited uses.


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                  Aaaah reverb... The essence of ambiences and atmospheres...

                  At some point, I’ve got quite bored by most of the reverb effect units (both hardware & software), sounding too similar to each other with not enough distinct shades... From there, convolution reverb started to have a very special place into my work, as you can achieve with various impulse responses very unique and strange reverb colors & effects... I still use standard reverbs as a basic polish layer pass onto some of my sounds, but convolution really gives me flexibility & the uniqueness I’m looking for, by loading in my own samples and sounds of my choice...


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                    Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
                    I don't have Uhbik-A, but I have heard it. I think V0rt3x uses it. I have been quite impressed by it.
                    Yah that is pretty much all I use for adding subtle reverb to my tracks. Uhbik is a incredible collection! Lately it's been my go-to reverb.

                    It isn't really meant to cover as much ground as say the valhallaDSP stuff but for adding subtle reverb to a dry signal it is great!

                    I listened to the new reverbs by the ex-lexicon dev and actually found them to be superb! I am actually really considering a ilok2 now.
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                      my reverb ranch (roughly in order of usage):

                      Lexicon PCM Reverb Bundle

                      Valhalla Shimmer (with ubermod and/or freqecho adding to the fun)

                      2CAudio Aether / B2

                      Trillium Lane TL Space

                      PSP N20 / Easyverb

                      IKM CSR

                      AIR reverbs that came with PT (D-verb)

                      The Lexicon bundles are on a 40% off sale at JRRshop (add coupon lexicon40 at checkout) and Valhalla's are always reasonably priced at $50.

                      There are still more I'd like to play with as well:

                      Eventide's Blackhole

                      Overloud Breverb

                      Softube TSAR-1
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                        Valhalla Room; Ableton stock & and outboard for character. I also try not to forget about the included fx: fxpansion has some breverb algos on board, most synths come with their own general not as good as a stand-alone-solution, but maybe interesting for flavor.


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                          I can't believe no mention of Audio Damages EOS yet, first preset is called 'This Budd's 4 U' in honour of Budd/Eno for crying out loud! :D

                          It's Superhall algorithm is pretty special (by sean costello of valhalla fame), especially if you chain a couple of instances together. My goto verb for sure but valhalla room is just as good, all those dark modes great for ambient.

                          KR-Reverb FS is worth a listen too (free), some very nice long reverbs in there.

                          Reaktors Spacemaster (original & 2) verbs are very good, not the most natural verbs around but very tweakable for more unique sounds.

                          I like Voxengos Old Skool reverb too (free!). Sounds more like an old digital unit, a bit grainy and ringy if you tweak it the right way but makes a good contrast to EOS.

                          Should mention Epicverb too, really good for everything really, if you want one good sounding freebie then that's the one imho.
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                            Free/donationware VST favorites that haven't been mentioned yet: Magnus' classic Ambience, Christian Knufinke's SIR, cytoSonic's Space 360, Togu's TAL-Reverb II, Rhythm Lab's Mo'Verb, Hotto Engineering's Spring Reverb, Martin Eastwood's MVerb, Novaflash's Metaverb... as well as epicVerb and Glaceverb, they are all great tools when used in the right context- they all have different characters and my reverb decisions are always very context dependent.

                            * Also, Aalto's built-in reverb's pretty yummy too ;)
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                              I have VRoom and CSR, as well as the built-in reverb in Cubase and Tone2's Warmverb, but to be honest, I haven't gotten the hang of using reverb properly yet.

                              I used to have the Uhbiks, but I sold them to be able to purchase Komplete 8 during the summer sale.

                              I think I'd like to get Shimmer, too. It sounds really interesting.