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D16 Sigmund Delay

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  • D16 Sigmund Delay

    Just picked this up in a trade, maybe I haven't been paying attention but quite an amazing (not so little) delay.

    Basically four delay lines with the usual controls (sync, feedback etc etc). Also has a couple of multi-mode modulators (lfos, envelope followers etc), nice sounding filtering and a great sounding saturation unit.

    All put together it can sound amazing. Running through the presets highlights all the regular delay stuff, choruses, phasers etc. as well as dedicated filter and saturation presets.

    The GUI isn't great imho, all a bit rendered and lacks focus, controls strewn everywhere. Also only just fits on my laptops screen. But perfectably clear and usable so all fine. Bit high on CPU too; I used to have their Toraverb which was a bit of a hog too so maybe something in their DSP.

    Overall then, well worth demoing if you want a creative and great sounding delay plug.
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    I picked that up on the introductory offer a ways back and really have liked it. It partners well with other delays, too.

    The other D16 stuff I have used has been useful as well--Fazortan and Syntorus. I think they came as a bundle on MF's stupid deal of the day for 9.99 a long time ago.

    I agree on the GUI; even though I now know my way around it, I'd prefer better organization and a little less huge 80's stereo look. I usually do not mind larger GUIs because I tend to build things a layer at a time and focus on a single VST for long periods of time, but it's seems bulky.