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The Official Omnisphere 2 Thread

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  • The Official Omnisphere 2 Thread


    I've had my eye on this new synth since the announcement at NAMM 2015. I waited for the right time to buy and finally went all in...Omnisphere 2 is mine! This is my first Spectrasonics product of any kind.

    First impressions: Absolutely stunning. Especially for just seems like the perfect fit for my style of soundscapes. Can't wait to dive in and start crafting my own sounds with this beast. :listening:

    Are any of you thinking about picking it up? Waiting to upgrade from Omni 1?

    Feel free to post any audio examples and/or impressions below. This is the official Omni 2 thread.

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    I upgraded from Omni 1 when 2 was released. I've played around a bit in it but have only scratched the surface to what it can do. I use Omni 1 on pretty much every project in some form or another. It's hands down the best tool for composers and musicians alike.


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      I purchased Atmosphere and really loved it! I waited several years after Omnisphere 1 came out before upgrading. I found it interesting that a lot of the sounds I liked were ones brought over from Atmosphere. This time however I decided not to wait as long and bought the v2 update. I haven't had a lot of time to play with it....but with the little bit I did manage I really liked what I was hearing. Though sometimes the factory patches can be almost too 'sweet'... which can make it difficult at times to fit into a song. This was also true with's something though that you learn to work with.

      I'm really looking forward to putting it thru its paces!


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        I've been using V.1 for a few years years now and it certainly is one of my main go-to synths, that gets used on most tracks I produce.

        For those new to Omnisphere in general..there are some really solid tutorial videos offered over on ( ) for a mere $15, that go deep into its features and how to use it, which should still apply to the new V.2, as they cover the fundamentals of the program.

        I recently emailed them about the possibility of an updated set of vids for V.2 and they replied saying it would be added to their list of future it will be a while before they get round to releasing these I guess..but hopefully not too long.

        Anyway, Omnisphere is a real beast and one you really need to tame in order to get the best out of it.. You'll read on the net about how it's just a box of pretty sounds..and it is that, too..but those who say this have either never used the synth in real-life or don't fully know how to, as it's capable of so much more. With the added ability to import your own sounds in V.2, there really are no limits on just what you can do with it..even more so when you keep in mind the over-hauled and expanded granular synth feature!

        Personally, I still have to upgrade..but I'm really looking forward to it. ;)