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Wanted to try DarkWave Studio

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  • Wanted to try DarkWave Studio

    This is the first track I made with DarkWave (freeware). All VSTs are freeware. The track is loopable.
    I wanted to try using software. IMHO I think software creations often are cold… My track is certainly very cold :razz:
    Well, I have to work on that.

    Do you have any experience of DarkWave Studio? Or do you know other usable freeware DAWs?

    Used two FreeSound samples beachhouse wind outside.wav by klankbeeld and Jacket Rustle_Aggressive 2.wav by jaredpass24.

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    I checked this out earlier before I went out and I liked it very much. I am listening again now as I type. To learn that this piece was made with free stuff really doe's raise the eyebrow. I personally feel that you have done a wonderful job creating this. Though I think it would be much more better if it were a little longer. Maybe consider looping it again and on the second loop add some fx/textures etc. That would definately do the trick I think. Also it wouldn't end as quick as it is really nice to listen to. Just a suggestion :D

    I have before today used DarkWave, but I can't really give a real life diagnosis of it as it was such a long time ago I had used it. But since listening to ColdSummerLoop I am definately going to give it another whirl. As for free DAWS, well of course there is the famous googling. But yes its always refreshing to hear someone elses practical view of what free stuff there is out there. Also have you checked out the software forum on here >

    Here are some links for free stuff..
    .... and scroll down to where it says > Best Free VST Host Applications.

    Then there is this nifty piece of software > ..of which I only started using over a week ago, but haven't really got to grips with it as yet, but its a lot of fun to use. I am only using the trial at the moment, but even though its only a 30 day trial it feels like a full blown program anyway, especially with the option of being able to save projects. Even the price Cockos are asking for the full program is amazing as like myself and anyone else, if you are earning less than 20,000 a year you can go for the discounted price of $60, which exactly works out as £38.00 over here. Anyway here is the link for how Cockos has explained it all > ..check where it says fair pricing on the left hand side of the page under purchasing.

    But yeh best of luck with your projects and thank you so much for sharing this piece.
    Neat stuff :tu:
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      First about the track. Yep it’s short. The idea is that it’s up to “the listener” to loop it. But you have dl.
      Why? My thought was to use it in a hardware sampler (SP-404)… Well I looped the track myself (in Audacity) and applied fade in and out.
      I have been looking at Reaper. But before I buy anything I wanted to check out the freeware “market”. So maybe Reaper or FL loops if I decide to buy software.
      I also got a tip about I have not read about it yet, but it looks good! Maybe I stick to DarkWave for awhile. I don’t mind working with limited software or hardware. It makes you more creative and less focused on the software itself. And I want to sneak the DAW into my computer at work. Don’t tell anyone;) DarkWave IS small!
      I refuse to buy software for 400-500Euro, or more! In that case I stick to my hardware!


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        DarkWave test report no 2

        2nd track made with DarkWave Studio and some freeware VSTs. I have mixed the track with a
        recording made by Inchadney.

        I have a pretty noisy approach this time. And I let the noise speak... Even thou it is made less nosy in this version.
        Until next time I will work on adding a warmth, a more “analog” feeling. Have to find out how to fix that.
        And some more distinct rhythm - maybe...

        Have to say it’s easy and convenient to make music in the computer… :thumbsup:

        Well, DarkWave seems to work. No crashes (this time). I used the built in mixer this time.
        The freesound file was added in Audacity. Don’t know if you can do that in the DAW.