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2cAudio kaleidoscope resetting

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  • 2cAudio kaleidoscope resetting

    I've picked up a copy of 2cAudio's kaleidoscope, and I'm really loving what it can do. I'm having problems with it though as it keeps crashing or resetting itself in some way - basically at some point I realise its stopped making any noise and when I open it up again the interface seems to have lost whatever settings it had. If you select (or re-select) a preset it starts working again. Anyone else had problems with it? It's quite an expensive piece of software so I'm surprised its not stable.

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    Might want to direct this question to our resident Kaleido expert, Sampleconstruct, as he's definitely got the most experience with it.

    I gave it a try and like you, I found it to crash if the buffer settings weren't set right. You might want to start around on the internet, you might be able to find the answer your looking for!

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      The buffer setting in KS has to be the same as in your DAW to get the best performance, if those sizes differ, you're bound to get into trouble. Depending on the speed of your CPU choose 512 samples to start with, and set the Multithreading in KS to 400%. Always turn oversampling off, only use it for offline bouncing.



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        Just remembered I meant to update this thread with what I found out. 2cAudio support got back to me really quickly and let me know that there is a known issue running Kaleidoscope in Bitwig Studio. It seems that the way Bitwig stores the settings from VSTs conflicts with Kaleidoscope and means the plug-ins state isn't restored properly when you re-open the UI. I've found it actually works fine if you leave the UI open though that obviously isn't a long term solution.

        It's a shame as I really like working in Bitwig, I find it much more intuitive to use than Logic Pro X or Reaper which is the other two DAWs I've tried. I've had other problems with Bitwig though - Xfer's Cthulhu starts misbehaving when the UI is closed in Bitwig and none of my Audio Damage plug-ins display their pre-sets. I'll stick with it for a while and hopefully a service patch will make it more stable.

        I've reported the bug to Bitwig but neither I nor 2cAudio have had a response from them. I'm guessing since its a new product and the service patches are coming fairly quickly they're digging they're way out of quite a mound of bugs at the moment.


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          Originally posted by danbert75
          Xfer's Cthulhu starts misbehaving when the UI is closed in Bitwig
          which kind of misbehaving did you encounter? I seldom use Cthulhu in Bitwig but every time I used it without any problems.
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            I was getting stuck notes when it was arpegiating. It worked fine when the UI was open. It did seem like a weird issue to have.