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Experimental Neuron Sequencer (Reaktor)

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  • Experimental Neuron Sequencer (Reaktor)

    I've been playing with the neuron sequencer from the excellent NeuronDrums Reaktor ensemble. I found I rarely used the drum sounds (which take a lot of CPU) and felt like it needed some visual feedback. The link below is very much a WIP (placeholder gfx etc), not sure where to go so wondered if anyone wanted to play with it and chip in any suggestions...

    Obviously Audio Damages Axon is a big inspiration though I don't like the gui they gave it. Looks cool but found combining the threshold and send routing confusing. My attempt at present has a slider to select the threshold for each 'neuron' with a corresponding indicator to show the current status. Can't decide whether it's best to show all eight levels as the first row indicates (even though the first setting will always be on) or like the rest where the lowest threshold (ie. fires every time a pulse is received) is off to the left as it doesn't really need showing...

    Maybe it's all a bit busy and just a couple of numbers work best...?

    Whatever, have a play if you're so inclined, should work for twenty minutes at a time in the Reaktor Player if you don't have the full version (why ever not?! )



    edit: if you haven't come across this type of sequencer before then maybe best to look for the Axon demos on youtube, explain it better than I can.

    edit 2: was also thinking of having a set of preset scale types with transpose options rather than just a dumb bank of numbers for the notes if anyone has suggestions. thanks.
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