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need help with a software problem

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  • need help with a software problem

    Hi there. I'm hoping I can get some help from one of you guys with a problem I'm having with sound forge audio studio version 10.
    It was recording just perfect even this morning, though last night, there was a problem with it recording correctly but now it records and even plays back existing wav files in static. Other recording applications record okay, just not this one. I've checked to be sure that all input devices are selected as they need to be, even uninstalled and reinstalled because changing the audio device from microsoft sound mapper to wave classic and even ASIO didn't seem to make any difference. This one has me puzzled. I'm using windows 7-32-bit. thanks for the help if possible.

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    I haven't used sound forge in a number of years, so my only guess is your buffer settings might need tweaking?

    Hopefully someone better at troubleshooting will see this and be of more help.

    Did you try smashing your keyboard? ;)