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  • WhisperVST

    Interesting DAW:

    Some of the UI principles in Whisper have roots in the tracker-type music software of the 90's, originating from the Amiga computing scene. But still, Whisper is otherwise very far from the trackers of the 90's (although you could even add some kind of actual tracker functionality to it in the form of a VST plugin). What is tracker-inspired is mainly the way that the music is input by using the PC keyboard so that you can input notes by "playing" with the keys, that the music is represented as "tables" of information (text and numbers), and that there are so-called "patterns" involved in the music creation process. There are differences to trackers too, and for instance the hexadecimal numeric format that's often used in tracker-type sequencers (while it has its benefits as well) is not being used in Whisper.
    The Whisper UI has also been inspired by a very good freeware music application (itself also a tracker of sorts) called Buzz, the main similarities being visualising the instrument/effect routing in the form of a node diagram (which I think is a brilliant way to visualise that), and using multi-pattern sequencing (which is actually quite practical, but is implemented in quite a different way in Whisper than in Buzz).
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    Thanks for the heads-up on this, but when I tried to download it I couldn't..kept asking for a user-name and password to download from the server..and there's no obvious way to register or anything. I'm guessing the site owner's stored the files in the wrong server folder, instead of in a public one. Ah well, moving on..for now, anyway.

    EDIT: mistake..sort of. I just read the F.A.Qs section on the site and it says this:

    "Can I get Whisper?

    Whisper is currently available "on demand", so you might be able to get it by sending email to the address given on the contact page. When requesting download access, please tell us a bit of yourself and the computing environment where you'd like to try Whisper (plus what you'd like to use it for). We're prioritizing people who are likely to actually be interested even after trying the tool."

    They could have set the whole download up better than they did..kind of very old fashioned in this day and age..having to email them for a password to download it..they could have just emailed you the file once you contacted them in the first place.

    I know this makes me sound like an old moan, but I couldn't be bother emailing and having to explain why I want to try this program..that should be self-evident in the first place. Basically, I have this little thing about sites that make things more complicated than they need to be. Think I'll be giving this one a miss..but a big thanks again anyway for posting it up on here..
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