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One Small Clue’s Grace Sampler - Now FREE

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  • One Small Clue’s Grace Sampler - Now FREE

    Thought this deserved it's own thread as it's, well, pretty awesome.

    One Small Clue's Grace sampler Windows VST is now free.

    I demo'd this a while back and it's a neat, compact sampler with lots of modulator etc options. Can import SFZs too which is useful. I ended up sticking with Shortcircuit because I know it and it has probably a few more features. BUT: SC is 32 bit only (Grace available as 64 bit vst) and hasn't been updated in years so maybe Grace can take the title of best freebie windows sampler. Grace is probably simpler to work with (more knobs, less sliders ) so I may switch allegiances... Also comes with a 'vintage synth' sample library so can't be bad.

    Nice write up here:

    Grace is the finest freeware sampler on today's VST plugin market. It is a compact sampler instrument perfect for handling the majority of sampling tasks.
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