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Let's discuss... Effects !

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  • Let's discuss... Effects !

    Of course, one of the top weapon of choice for most ambient musicians is reverb... A pretty inevitable & essential effect... But the possibilities are so huge now with software to help crafting a sound, what other type of effects you like using, what other effects beside reverb you guys swear by it? Just for some geek fun... :mrcool:
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    I'm all about Delay...Delay...Delay...

    I find a well tuned delay will fit my stuff better than a reverb quite often. I guess subjectively more interesting and sparser. Of course just as often find myself in some dub hell, all very Mark Stewart.

    Just bought RP-Delay (again...), not the greatest gui but so versatile (sequencer for modulation etc). Also like Audio Damages Ronin. I guess more often seen as a multieffect/mangler but the delays are at it's heart and very well spec'ed (loop function, reverse, smoothly modulatable). Valhallas FreqEcho is another great delay (free!), even without the frequency shift malarky, it would be a great sounding day-to-day delay.

    Don't have a real passion for phasers, chorus or flangers so just use whatever's to hand, the Blue Cat freebies at the moment (not to belittle them, very good).

    I guess having Reaktor covers a lot of bases effects-wise.

    More recently finding myself using a lot of distortion and filtering, not in a noisy way either, more about creating a new timbre by distorting then smoothing a sound.
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      I concur on delay. And sweet sweet filtering. I like PSP's delays and multi effects as well as Valhalla's UberMod and FreqEcho. For distorting things I am slowly learning Trash2.


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        *sings* :sing: Let's talk about effects baaabyyyyy...let's talk about youuu and meeeeeeeeeeee *record scratch*

        Wait, what's going on here? Oh yes, effects!!! Heck yes. Love me some effects. I'm an audio damage/U-he/IK fan when it comes to messing with my sound. I have to say I can't get enough of either of their company's stuff.

        When I'm delaying, I go with: U-he's More FEEEEEDBACK Machine 2.
        When I'm reverbing, I go with: Uhbik-A or IK CSR "HALL"
        When I'm filtering, I go with: U-he's Filterscape
        When I'm chopping, I go with: Audio Damage's Automaton
        When I'm compressing, I go with: IK's whateverfreakingcompressorworks :p
        When I'm looking for inspiration, I go with: FXPansions Etch

        That's enough shoutouts for now. You guys are awesome. Keep it up!
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          Delay: Uhbik D or Logic's built-in.
          Filter: Etch or the Drop
          Reverb: Uhbik A

          For garden-variety modulation: Uhbiks.

          For garden-variety EQ & Compression: Voxengo and The Glue.
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            Definitely delay, in all of its varieties.

            But phasers, flangers, distortion, ring modulation, granular delay/time stretching, reversing - all good stuff.


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              delay is a given, but i luv ring modulation and phaser...ive mentioned B4 my boss gt-3 and the ring mod on this is a constant tool especially w/ my metal zone distortion..course these r all guitar fx but i use them just as much fer my ambiance and atmosphere religiously...


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                Granular is definitely a lot of fun as are effects in general. You gotta have tools with which to mangle and carve! It sounds like we're all using the same software tools.
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                  I'm still learning how and where to place effects, but my current favorite effects bundle is Tone2's Warmverb. Tons of possibilities to mangle sound. :tu:


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                    Stacking effects is great too. I always loved the way that Gary Numan did it - completely over the top on Replicas - just listen to that guitar on 'Are Friends Electric'. Distortion, flanger and god knows what else to give it that really hissy quality.


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                      Reverb - I tend to use IK CSR reverb these days but my latest track also features Shimmer.
                      Delay - I usually go with the EnergyXT Delay but have been known to use Reflex Free.

                      Other effects I have been known to favour - Permut8, dBlue Glitch, DiversionFx CM and Frohmage plus the EnergyXT built-in chorus, Phaser, Flanger and bit-Crusher.
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                        Nice inputs guys! Pretty cool to see your favourite aural spices...

                        Delay is indeed an essential effect in the ambient genre, although personally I prefer using granular delays to give more textures & character to the delay effects... Robojam nailed a good point, which is stacking effects... Good way of creating depths into the sounds that would otherwise be pretty much impossible with one single effect plugin...