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Sample editor For PC with Loop points and zero crossing

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  • Sample editor For PC with Loop points and zero crossing

    Iv been looking for a good waveeditor to create seamless loops of ambiences.
    Iv been using Timefreezer to create small chunks of my own samples and then used them in sampler and lately Omnisphere.
    But it has its limitations.
    Im looking for at simple creator that can find zero crossings and export with loop points.
    Years back in the Atari days, there was a swedish editor that was able to do just that.
    What options do we have nowadays?

    Also good advice in how to approach this using a standard editor like soundforge, vegas video or Acoustica would be appriciated.
    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.

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    Sorry..not too sure if this is going to be of any help to you, as I'm sure it just deals with workable samples, but it might be worth your while checking it out..if you haven't done so already. It's a pretty decent free program called "Giada" ( ), that does a lot of things very well..not just for live performing either. I'm personally still a noob in regards to this program, but it seems to be a fairly powerful program.

    It's built-in sample editor lets you set start/end points..Volume and boost..Normalize..Panning..Pitch control..Cut, trim, silence..Smooth well as the obligatory fade in and fade out. On top of this, it also hosts VSTs and enables you to record live performances on the fly. Also, not only is it 100% free, but it's also cross-platform ( Linux / Windows / Mac ) .

    Like I said, I'm a total noob with this program, so I don't know off hand if it will do what you want to'll have to check it out yourself in that regard. Hope it's of some use to you, while you're looking around for something else.
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      Thank you
      I recall having a look at this way back, damn the interface has changed alot. Nice app.
      But doesnt really do more than I can do with what I got atm.
      I know there are some techniques to get a faster result creating these loops, so I might just have to learn these:-)
      Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.