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Elysium Generative sequencer that uses Hex grids!

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  • Elysium Generative sequencer that uses Hex grids!

    It is Free!! And it seems to be recognized in Ableton Live for me, so I can use it to control my synthesizers.

    Check it out!

    Its on OSX only however! I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but so far it seems pretty cool!
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    Checking this out right now!!! Very cool...hopefully I'll get it working this morning. Thanks for the heads up on this!!!! :biggrin:
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      I downloaded this months ago (maybe longer...) and tried it. It's actually pretty cool. Bu, like so many other things in life, work got busy and Elysium got shelved. I think that I forget about easily because, like Nodal, it's not a plug-in, so I don't see in in the list of VST's or whatever in my DAW.

      Elysium reminds me of a game board and it gave me an idea. I think it might be fun to do a pass-around sequence where each person adds a node and passes it on. Then we can hear how it has changed when it's our turn again.

      FWIW, Reaper recognizes Elysium as well.


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        Hi guys.

        Glad you like Elysium. Glad it still works!

        It suffers a little from being the first serious Mac application that I wrote and at a time when I knew nothing whatsoever about music. In fact writing Elysium was my inspiration to get into music.

        There's so many things I'd go back and change and/or fix but I never seem to find the time. It's always bugged me, for example, that the LFO's are disconnected from the clock and that the clock has no external transport sync. There's also a bunch of scripting stuff in there that I suspect nobody will ever figure out

        Maybe one day I'll do a version 2. VST would be nice but improbable

        Kind regards,

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          Hey, thanks for appearing here! Always nice to hear from the actual developers.