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  • New: PSP stompDelay

    PSP Audioware just released stompDelay.

    I demo'd it, then bought it because...well, it's a delay and I am me. :biggrin:

    I don't think it is revolutionary or game-changing or whatever a lot of developers say when they hype up new stuff (PSP doesn't hype stuff--and I appreciate that), but it's a good delay unit with a lot of tweaks and adjustments. 4 second infinite delays with modulations and filters. PSP makes good solid plugs.

    It's got a short intro price of $49 until April 3, then it will go to $69. If you own other PSP stuff in the effects line, the price drops even more. I have a good collection of their effects line so for me the price was $28. I like the way PSP prices things so as you invest more, you also save more.

    Enough of me being a fanboi :razz:. Check it out for yourself!

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    Enabler! Oh wait that's my job... I'm confused...

    Surprised to see this to be honest, wondered if it was too similar to other plugs in their lineup but I guess it stands far enough apart (has LFO that Echo doesn't etc)?
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